President Does His Best Lyle Lanley Impression

As I listened to Obama's speech the other day I sat in disbelief at what I was hearing. Not only was it a terrible sell job (what was with all the clapping? I kept looking for tanks to roll by as a show of force) it was filled with gibberish. And apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed.

I got no skin in the game but it is fascinating watching the President try to defend what is a disaster at the moment.

A couple of rather disingenuous comments:

"We've essentially created competition." 

Since when has the government ever 'created competition?' Competition infers there are to willing parties participating in action (or transactions) free of coercion. The government doesn't compete, it dictates. Nor can it "create" something it's not a participant in.

"Prices have come down as a result of the competition." 

Really? So why have premiums gone up for people? Why the loopholes and exemptions? Why are tax credits needed? What we have here folks is market distortions created by the government. Something it's very good at.

"People can save money." 

Which people exactly? Low-income people? Who exactly is going to benefit?

"It's a great product and prices are good. It's a good deal." 

Sez you and your pals who are exempt.

In any event, Americans will never know now will they? This massive redistribution scheme has been shoved down their throats.

In order to know if a product is 'great' consumers react to it. This happens in a free market system. There is no such mechanism in government run operations. As to price, again, how does he arrive at this assertion? Because he says so?

Classic case of a bureaucrat using "capitalist" lingo to sell a state-run initiative. Obama was playing the part of CEO and this is what was most outrageous today.

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