Alouettes Snap Shots: Pat Aburzzi

Someone brought up former Montreal Alouettes running back (1955-58) Pat Abruzzi last week. He played during a good one for the franchise marked by its rivalry with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Drafted by the Baltimore Colts of the NFL in 1954, the 13th pick in the 30th round (352 overall) Abbruzzi chose the Montreal Alotuettes of the Canadian Football League for a pro career, mostly because they offered him a $500 bonus (which he used for his honeymoon.)

My have times have changed!

Of course, the NFL had yet to become the behemoth it was to become starting in the late 1960s. By then, it had replaced baseball as America's most popular sport.

The rest is history.

Abruzzi died in 1998.

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