Communism By Other Means


Because a bureaucratic entity like the Competition Bureau can ensure "competitive balance" in what is supposed to be a "free-market."

The scary thing is people actually think this crap works to consumer benefit.

I saw this comment on a Facebook page somewhere:

"Large corporations merging or buying out others to become larger is almost always bad for consumers in the long run. Just look at Bell or Rogers."

Not only is this person economically illiterate (they are monopolies), they're apparently is ignorant of history. I'm guessing this person is the norm in thinking this way I've become that jaded about people and their views about wealth, economics, finance and the role of government in our lives.


The CB shouldn't be ordering anyone around anymore the CRTC should be regulating airwaves.

"..Five Winnipeg grocery stores will soon be up for sale, thanks to a Competition Bureau ruling that ordered Sobeys to sell the spots before it takes over Safeway.

Sobeys Inc. has been ordered to sell 23 stores across Canada, including five in Winnipeg, before it purchases Safeway Canada for $5.8 billion.

The bureau said the sales are necessary to keep the grocery market competitive.
In Winnipeg, the Southdale Centre, Grant Park and St. Vital locations will be put up for sale, as well as two more downtown..."

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