Canada's Elizabeth Warren

I didn't realize Trudeau named Chrystia Freeland to his economic team.

It's almost as if he personally doesn't want me to vote for the Liberals.

It's amazing how people I thought to be meh find their way into politics and Ms. Freeland is one of them. I'd watch her on the McLoughlin Group, for example, and tried as hard as I could to find a special angle to her to no avail.

Freeland has written extensively about the plight of the shrinking middle class and the rise of wealthy “plutocrats”, work that caught the eye of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who helped recruit her to run for the party.

She's our very own Little High Cheek Bones Warren - minus the Cherokee lineage.

The narrative, get ready, will be for the Liberals and NDP to claim the Canadian economy is being poorly managed - which simply isn't the case.


I expect to go 0 for 3 in the upcoming elections. I don't expect the party I support in the city where my business is (I don't have the right to vote. Apparently they can tax me without a voice) to win despite fielding what I regard to be a truly balanced and capable team that actually understands business. Which means, they won't be elected. My city where I live is likely to vote in the very same party the previous criminal represented. I'd be shocked if voters actually, you know, show a set of balls and shred of intelligence by voting in multiple candidates from all the parties. By giving all seats to one party begs for abuse of power and corruption. Finally, the city - Montreal - where we own properties is also likely to vote for the one candidate it doesn't need - a career politician in Denis Coderre.

We'll see.

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