Congressional Brinkmanship

Will the shutdown hurt Republicans?

Rush Limbaugh:

"Of course, you go back to 1995 and in the media it was a disaster for the Republicans. In the real world it wasn't. They won Senate seats in the year following, in the election following the shutdown. They gained two seats and they lost nine in the House. It was not a disaster. And from a policy standpoint, what they stood for in that shutdown actually led to Clinton signing welfare reform as something he needed to do to get reelected in 1996.  So there's that."

I think at the end of the day Americans will force Obama to own his administration even though he doesn't. They will not accept his blame strategy.

Just my guess.

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  1. One hopes. Unfortunately, there are far too many who watch network news and read the mainstream media who will not question what they see and hear. I try to be optimistic but it gets increasingly difficult as I grow older.


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