Obama The Faux Orator

One thing I was always suspicious of was the claims of Obama's superior oratorical skills.

Time has not only kept up my skepticism, it actually has allowed me to think with confidence he doesn't possess the oratorical skills his fans claim.

Today I was listening to him speak and cringed at his naked ad hominen attacks on the Republicans. It was, as I've noted in the past, a pathetic trait for a person who leads a nation.

One thing he said I caught was how he called Republicans "extortionists" while calling for civil discourse all in one sentence.

Says a lot about the mindset, no?


I've detected an increase in shrill name calling on the part of the left describing Republicans as "terrorists," "jihadists," "anarchists" and "extortionists" as noted above. And these are the people whi claim to be logical?

How is this any different than, say, the right calling Obama a "socialist?"

You can make a stronger claim, if we must go this route, of Obama being a socialist than a Republican an "anarchist" since you can trace back some of Obama's past to socialist organizations. Not so much among the GOP.

Anyway, funny they call Republicans "terrorists' when they're reluctant to use the term for actual terrorists.

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