Canada Has Death Panels And That's NOT A Good Thing

No Adam Goldenberg. 'Death panels' is NOT a good thing nor do I consent or ever will accept strangers deciding life issues on my family's behalf because unlike you or "most" Canadians (an indifferent and apathetic bunch if I seen one), I don't trust government to make the right decision that's fit for me. I don't agree this is "rational" or "objective" as you seem to assert. 

My family was in a similar situation and we would have ripped the hospital down if some bureaucrat would have made a decision we didn't agree with. Guess what, Adam? We were right. In the end, there's ONE institution and ONE alone that should have the right: Family. Not you, not the PM, not Shirley Bureaucrat, no one. God, family and the doctor. That's it, pal.

Maybe we should rethink how much faith through tax dollars we put in our public health system because it should never come down to cost or cost-centric reasons.

See this, Adam? That's my middle finger.

The title says it all "Canada has death panels - and that's a good thing."



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