Blaming Jews

Personally, I think anti-semites are retarded ingrates. I especially hold in contempt the person who "hates Jews" because of the actions of Israel in the 20th century thus completely ignoring the violence perpetuated against Jews - the perfect convenient scapegoats of history - by many groups and nations in history.

Christians have massacred far more Jews than they could ever muster on us and they're the "racists?"

It is to laugh. 

I kinda get why some of them became radical in their defense. They were fed up of being bitched slapped by everyone and Nazi Germany was the last straw.

If you tolerate hatred against Jews because of the "occupation" then you have a rather superficial and incomplete understanding of history.

Again, just personal here, I can't stand people who say a racist thing and claim they are not.

I see it enough of it here with the Parti-Quebecois and their meek Machiavellianism.

Be wary of the group, political party, organization, person or leader who lays blame elsewhere.



  1. The terrible history of anti-semitism and hatred of Jews does not in any way justify the crimes and racism of the Zionist state of Israel. To oppose Israel, even to oppose its very existence, is NOT racist or anti-Jewish.

  2. Valid point and one I can't necessarily counter. But there are some who do.


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