Projecting Our Fears And Cowardice Onto Children

Now we enter Phase 2 of the Great Cowering.

Projecting all fears onto kids.

Despite evidence mounting the virus isn't as lethal as first thought, we now have decided to undertaking preventative measures strapping and crippling all sorts of enterprises and organizations with protocols.

Many will prove costly - both psychologically and financially - while others merely a nuisance with a mix back of results.

That's if we're lucky. To say I'm not impressed with any of this is the understatement of the year.

But what really rattles my bones is we're now piling onto the kids.

The demographic least impacted by the virus. The statistics and pathology are fairly consistent at this point.

So why are we embarking on such a road?

Well, it's hard to say. Part of it is out of concern.

Most of it, though, is out of fear. It's worth noting the vast majority of people taking these decisions are boomers and in the age category in the cross hairs of the virus.

I wouldn't discount this being part of the equation. Boomers are dragging us down one last time.

We really need to take a step back and actually consider the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of what we're doing.

We didn't with the lockdowns - despite obvious foreseeable consequences - and we're not doing it here again. It's like a truck careening out of control off the cliff.

I've had to talk to my daughter and explain to her she's being taught a terrible lesson by society.

She's not a hero for hiding in her room and applauding health care workers. The penchant for 'hero worshipping' is evidence of a small mind.

She's not being brave for not getting her hair cut nor is she anything like Anne Frank.

The war analogy is just about the dumbest new trend pimped by illiterate pea brains.

She's not selfish for considering trade-offs when it comes to decision making because humans process this simple calculus every single day of their lives. Life IS a trade-off.

I have to remind her to go out there. Play 'the game' and wear the mask where she's asked to but take it right off as soon as she's out of the storm of ignorance.

There will be a time to actually engage in such things and now is not the time anymore. We missed that damn boat months ago when China lied and our leaders compounded the comedy of errors by playing identity politics.

I'll be damned if I let Tam and Trudeau screw around with my daughter's mind with their incompetence.

I explain to my daughter what's being said by ALL immunologists and doctors and not just the medical bureaucrats.

I explain there is a need to excise caution but what they're asking for is not a way to live and worse they're turning cowardice into a virtue. Learning from home is a discussion worth undertaking but not for these reasons.

As this blog has catalogued and discussed over the years, we were on a suspect intellectual trajectory and the pandemic seems to put a spotlight on how deep this rot runs.

The lack of leadership and contradictory decisions (and downright poor ones) has been appalling and because of the weakness in leadership our kids are in the line of fire.

Reject it.

I implore you to get your senses back. Don't scar your children.

This is not a life.

Go live.

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