CFL V. NFL: How Two Countries Think

This pandemic is confirming to me just how lame Canada is.

Here's the difference between Canada and the United States in a nutshell:

NFL: We will play.
CFL: We won't play.

As far as I know, the CFL is the only league in the world looking to cancel their season.

And if that's not enough, they also are looking to the government for support!

How much more Canadian can you get?

Here's the skinny.

Canada now has more recovered cases than active cases. If you remove Quebec, Canada's cases amounts to .01% (roughly 40 000 into 38.5 million). Commissioner Ambrose then says even if there's a season, the Grey Cup may not be held in Regina.

The ONE province that supports the CFL unconditionally will lose the chance to host the Cup.

In a province that had, get this, 622 total cases and 109 active cases.

Saskatchewan is actually a province that's opening in phases.

What in the world am I missing here?

Here's what I think.

The CFL is a microcosm of how this country thinks. That is, small and parochial.

It's incapable of taking courageous stances.

The only way the CFL has a future - and I mean one in which it's taken seriously and not have teams play on university fields - is if it hires Americans to take over the operation.


Just like Gary Bettman took a rink dink operation like the NHL unable to extricate itself from Canadian lenses and turned it into a viable international enterprise based in New York (along with Toronto. Point is, the big boys came to play), the CFL needs good old fashioned American know-how.

If the CFL is too stupid to play, then let it sink. They chose to make that bed.

I was a big supporter of the CFL over the years but that's waned. Why should I support a league that doesn't take itself seriously. Why do I want to support a league that has the gall to ask for a handout?

The NFL is a league of men.

The CFL of boys.

Either shape up or shut her down already.

You dishonour its legacy.

A while back, promotion for the CFL came with a witty, double-entendre 'We have bigger balls' slogan.

Not anymore you do.

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