Covid Files: You're Being Manipulated

I remember 9/11 and its aftermath fairly well.

One of the fall outs of it was the Patriot Act. Many thinkers and pundits warned against the dangers of trading liberty for security then and now Americans must deal with all sorts of government abuse against their freedoms (think innocent people going on 'no-fly' lists. Good luck ever getting off such a list).

In doing so, it was said and believed, the terrorists win.

Fast forward almost 20 years and a new 'terror' has come in the form of a serious and mysterious virus. A non-lethal one that preys on old and weak, but a virus we should treat with utmost caution  nonetheless.

By now, if you have been paying close attention and one of the lucky ones to not listen to health officials, you will have noticed a lot of people have bought the 'public health' bit and scare. You will have noticed the goal posts have been moved from a firm and tangible promise of 'not over whelming the system' to 'flattening the curve' to far more vague and intangible ones like 'second waves' and 'reoccurring waves in the fall' and 'saving all lives' to justify not only dragging out reopening places but to possibly soften people up further for things like contact tracing.

Contact tracing is a very concerning and frightening proposition. It's Minority Report for health. It basically will created a massive health bureaucracy with Johns Hopkins at the central and a potential army of 300 000 'tracers' going around harassing people for the 'greater good'. 'Where have you been? Who did you meet? Where are you going? Remember, we know everything and your data is safe with us. Trust us. We're here to help'.

Where the post 9/11 world gave military bureaucrats power, (the FISA courts is another example. How bad are those? Well, through it, bad faith political operatives and corrupt law enforcement almost took down a fairly elected President while ruining lives to get to him. They will abuse their power) post-Covid could hand more power, or all east influence, to medical bureaucrats.

If you go read how CT works, it should or will leave you unnerved. Here, Doug Ford has made noises about this. Alas, there's a petition in B.C. demanding a coronavirus vaccine, once introduced, be made mandatory so I don''t expect much push back there. Do Canadians ever think without the government stuck up their asses?

Will people actually give up their personal rights for safety again?

Judging by what I see and read in the public sphere, it sounds like an unfortunate and utterly deflating yes.

Luckily, the odds of this plan surviving court challenges are remote and would like to think this would be the case in Canada. Imagine selling CT to Manitoba? 'Hey, we know we only have 290 cases total but mind giving us your private medical history to protect your neighbour? You don't want granny to die right?'

I've tried in this blog, and will continue, to bring some round of context and perspective to the threat of Covid.

I implore people to go look at the beginning of what was said and follow the lineage. In that timelines you will see how you're being manipulated at every turn.

Harder to detect is how subtle it is. For example, aside from the changing of the goal post mentioned above (we're still learning about the virus hence give us more time as you sit in fear!), they'll pump up the numbers to frightening levels. In Canada, we were supposed to have seen between 11 000 and 22 000 dead by April (which in of itself is tragic but an existential threat given we know 80% of those figures hit the elderly). We're at 6000 as the numbers drop. The same scenarios we see in all states and provinces. Just to pluck one out, Minnesota was supposed to have seen up to 55 000 deaths by now. Their count stands at 818 as of writing this.

What's going on? How can you not be asking this question by now?

And one could reasonably conclude now that we're familiar with it and know not to, for instance, throw people into nursing homes, the death rate won't be high next time if we just quality and voluntarily exude caution like we do every flu season thought with a little more gusto.

The trick here is to fill you with a scary number because it keeps you in a perpetual 'what if?' scenario (and thus captured by health officials hands) while ensuring politicians come out looking good because the models are that faulty.

Notice how they report on Sweden as though they want it to fail. Why? If anything, you want Sweden to succeed. Either they're that stupid (the media that is) or there's something more nefarious at play.

And heaven forbid we question our 'heroes'. My father in law used to tell me 'always question the doctor. Always. They're not God. There's ONE God." And so we constantly did.

In the process, I learned doctors are not only not infallible but can be a prickly bunch not above breaking critical thinking rules. They can get pretty emotional when challenged. We live in a time the credentialed classes have been given a disproportionate level of respect.

I've been saying for a while now. Stop listening to the medical bureaucrats in order to form policy. They're liking their power too much at the moment. It takes a courageous politician to not let them take control and dictate policy from behind. The politician is elected. Not Fauci or Tam.

Nor are medical bureaucrats, to boot, not without their own agendas as we see with Tam, Fauci and people like Rick Bright or Ezekiel Emmanuel. Just like doomsday climate change fraudsters should be ignored full stop, so should these people.

Do we really know the bios of many of these health ministers and commissioners? NY's health commissioner Oxiris Barbot is cut from the identity politics cloth and got into some hot water with NYPD when she said she didn't give a 'rat's ass' about them (though she has since apologized). Then comes the whacko job fired in Florida by Gov. De Santis.

Dr. Fauci has flipped so many times it's hard to keep track. His most recent flip was what I've been saying all along: His realization the lockdown can't go on forever. I wish he'd be more honest with himself and just say 'I don't know'. It's ok to not know and courageous to admit it.

By not doing so, you unwittingly spread a panic worse than the disease.

There are many world renowned doctors and immunologists who disagree with what's going on only to be silenced by platforms like YouTube or ignored by the legacy press as if they're quacks.

In fact, the quacks are the ones governing us. The mirror is inverted.

If you think people like Cuomo (who recently was interviewed by his brother Chris in a display of idiocy. The man who says he wants to save lives was basically joking about the virus as they tried to pin the mess on Trump like a couple of moronic frat house boys. Even though state governors have most control. This is what's leading people?), Ford, and all these doctors care about YOU, you're not paying close enough attention. I recognize this may be one assertion too far, but I'm teetering on cynicism here.

I've had a few interactions with doctors and know people in the field. I've anecdotally noted (also culling the stories of friends who speak with health practitioners they know) and I must say, we've noticed the doctors have been less than impressive in the way they've reacted to this virus.

All they obsess over is the medical equivalent of how bad it can get. They're cancelling trips. They're pulling out of their stocks. They're panicking in their own peculiar ways. One doctor I know has made sure he reminds us all we're stupid for reopening and that our lack of pant shitting will doom us all. And he's pretty arrogant about it too. Not all are this way. Another doctor friend basically agrees with what's being said in this post. Same with a couple of micro-biologists I know. They're not sure why the political reactions has been what it was.

Seems like everyone went 'OMFG CORONAZILLA ATE ITALY!' and proceeded from there. 'We don't have enough data so we're just going to act like we do and shut it all down and when we do get more reliable data we're still going to pretend it's a threat' seems to be the calculus they can't extricate themselves from.

I'm also conflating two nations here. What may happen in the USA may not necessarily happen here. But 9/11 is a little different than the Wuhan virus as it touched both countries and so it's not a stretch to think it can happen.

A lot of things are happening and none of it good from the perspective of our collective liberties.

We run to protect our collective health bur not our freedom?

What good is this life if you run and cower like this?

Where 9/11 did indeed let the 'terrorists win' we're letting a 'virus win'.

What can you do?

For starters.

Drop the mask. Something as simple as that can liberate you. It sounds a little crazy but if you've been frighted enough to think wearing one in open spaces (I'm doing it to save others because I'm responsible is precisely an example you've been manipulated. Think of it, you're buying the load of irrational crap that healthy asymptomatic - another word I've come to hold in suspicion - people are a danger. If you think this to its logical end, then I guess we need to always wear a mask because aren't we generally asymptomatic of something? Think of the common cold. What will happen then? ) or in you car while wearing bacterial traps like gloves (even though studies are coming out the virus doesn't spread so easily on surfaces as first thought - it lives for up 72 hours!) you need to take a step back and think.

They're arresting hair stylists and gym owners but realizing criminals? We close our borders but allow flights in from China? We allow big corporations to run but shut down small businesses? Stuff like that.

Get back to the basics. Go look at the raw data. See how likely you're to get it and then consider what the odds are you get the worst variant of it. The odds and probabilities are low.

Exercise caution, sure, but don't let it rule you.

The other day we were watching a report on one of those multicultural channels from China and Asia.

Seeing all those people interact on the streets and public spaces in masks was sad to watch.

That's not a life. Imagine living that way never seeing someone's full face?

Who needs burka bans when you have medical masks?

Ask yourself, do you really want to live that way?

I know I don't.

Stop being manipulated.


The Cuomo brothers. A conversation.

Fredo: 'Yo bro. Why did you send Nonna to the old folks home to get La Rona?'

Sonny: 'Frateh, we all know Trump made the Corona and distributed it so that he could people to drink disinfectant to drive the stock price up!'

'That's why I love you bello. Always keeping it real bro. And I meant that!'

'Well, we're serious people and serious leaders here in Albunny.' 

'Ha! And funny too! No wonder you got this virus on the run!'

"All those shadow boxing games we played when we were kids came in handy!'

'I gotta tell the audience. He always won! And he's winning here. You're a hero. Like all those health care workers.'

'And don't forget Dr. Fauci!'

'Of course, it goes without saying! Our entire house a shrine dedicated to this wonderful, humble, competent non-swamp creature! We gotta run. Thanks for coming on and talking science with us bro!'

'Follow my nose! It always knows!'

"Ha, ha! Love that cereal. We'll be right back with Julia Roberts to discuss the evolutionary dynamics between SARS and Covid-19! You don't want to miss it."


Maybe we should begin to shame people who act like sheep?

If you wear a mask, you should be laughed at.

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