United States Gets Roped Into Syria

Well, that was disappointing. Plus ca change....

The Trump administration has conducted air strikes in Syria in the name of 'humanitarianism'.

It's disappointing for a couple of reasons:

One, there was hope America would reduce its war operations. That this is not America's fight. Two, Trump did so without Congressional approval - or at the very least didn't take it to Congress as is customary (Obama did the same in Libya recall. Actually it's worth repeating now that all the liberal media lackeys are asking if Trump is acting legally that Obama attacked Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia - of course Iraq and Afghanistan - and killed a 16 year-old kid without authorization. So literally progressives need to seriously can it). Three, there's still no proof as to who committed the chemical attack or how it happened. Four, regime change doesn't work. Besides, who the hell are the Americans going to replace Assad with? And what makes them think the Russians will accept it? What's the play here?

By doing so, the U.S. pits itself on the opposite side of Russia where Putin is already saying the strikes 'violates international law'.

Assad and Russia are fighting ISIS, which means the U.S. is helping ISIS.

Again, Obama supporters can't really criticize because this was his position as well.

As for the rest of the Democrats (and warhawks like McCain and Graham in the GOP) and progressives, there's not much they can say about this. For months they've been banging the war drums against Russia because they believed Trump to be a puppet of Putin and other dubious reasons including the hacking meme.

They got their war and they should shut the hell up.

Nonetheless, I'm finding it difficult to find a good reason why the United States is getting involved especially considering these actions actually help ISIS. There's something missing in this equation. I've read that perhaps Putin was testing Trump to see if he'd be squishy like Obama and that Trump called his bluff. But not sure if this adds up either.

I just don't know. What I do know is it's disappointing.

Perhaps even dangerous.

Updated: Democrats are cheering the move. At least they're consistent with their war mongering roots.

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