It Had To Be Trump

The more I watch Democrats, progressives and media behave the way they do, the more I'm convinced the right person was elected to office.

The whole dang Democrat party stank from its boorish behaviour during the transition to its staggeringly immature reaction to the result. Back when it was unfolding in real time I wrote it was a dismal disgrace the way the 'classy' Obama was undermining the incoming administration. A complete and utter disappointment and one in which I hope the history books jot down to avoid a repeat of his shenanigans.

Obama was the master of making nice in public and then doing something sleazy behind the scenes and when it comes to light reverts back to his classic 'wha me?' posture.

They went off the rails; unhinged to the point of denouncing policies their very own party supported because Trump.

You would think the media would take a step back after being handed an unmerciful defeat and begin to report and do their jobs appropriately.

Instead, we get a double down as the editorial board of the L.A. Times recently showed.

And then we get this report out of Bloomberg about Obama's advisors seeking the names out of Trump associates. What the media described as 'Trump claiming Obama spied on him without a shred of evidence' in an effort to make him look clownish, actually turns out to be more true than not.

And once again, since it wasn't widely reported, the media didn't do their jobs as the L.A Times reveals.

At this point, you have to be a door knob to not figure out Trump's game. He's not putting things out there randomly. There's a method to the madness.


The American people got it right.

It had to be Trump.

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