Please Understand....

The modern progressive ISN'T LIBERAL.

At least not in the classical sense. Liberalism is the bedrock and foundation of Western civilization. Progressives are attacking Western culture and heritage from every conceivable angle thus excluding from being tagged 'liberal.'

It has been said classical liberalism is dead. Politically it certainly doesn't have much of a pulse but intellectually it still does.


From the Renaissance humanists to the Age of Reason to the American founding fathers, THIS is the lineage of liberalism.

You can not make a coherent claim that Sanders, Trudeau, Warren, Obama, BLM, student activism, modern third wave feminism and other left-wing figures and organizations are 'liberal'.

They're progressives.

Which really is Marxism or socialism.

Once you understand this you can accept why Trudeau admires Chinese authoritarianism and Castro or Sanders' connection to the socialist and communist communities, as well as Warren's and Obama's philosophical outlook.

What are they if not far left?


I think not.

They're just off shoots of the left-wing; that is, progressive.

To get a sense of what classical liberalism is all about there is no question or debate you must consult libertarian or conservative publications. They've assumed the classical liberal torch.

And no. NONE of the Founding Fathers would be part of the modern Democrat party. I highly doubt they have anything in common with Hillary, Obama, Bernie or Keith Ellison. This thing that Jefferson is claimed by Democrats is absurd if not laughable.

The latter being closer to Marx and Lenin and farther from Smith and Bastiat.

These people are PROGRESSIVES. Capiche?

Don't be told or fooled into thinking otherwise.

With this simple explanation, now you may go on and digest politics comme il faut. 

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