French Socialists Battered

Three and counting.

That is, three countries the progressive movement has been routed. First in the United States, then in Holland and now France.

Good. They were doing too much damage.

Once the left is gone, we can (hopefully) rekindle our common classical liberal heritage.

As for Le Pen being described as 'extreme right' it's best to understand - or reframe it as 'right' on the socialist scale. Le Pen is basically a socialist and all the extreme reactionary elements in Europe are just derivatives of the socialist ideology.

Calling it 'right-wing' was devised to confuse people into thinking it's conservative but it isn't.

Just like they played that trick with Nazis and Fascists. Both are just offshoots of socialism. And as such, are to the right of that while communism and Marxism is to the left.

So in essence, these murderous ideologies have been fighting between themselves through out the 20th century while conservatives and liberals were pushed off to the side. 

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