Party And People Of Science

Some quotes from the science protest:

"Protests get in the news and raise awareness. Planting a tree doesn't"

"A bit of trash on the sidewalk is not a big issue when you've got trump as president funding the fucking coal industry."

Brilliant. These people love science so much it's ushering in a second Scientific Revolution.

When's the engineering protest?

Let's go over a couple of spokespersons for the progressive left.

First, there's Rachel Maddow who claimed a Venezuela protest was because of some Trump donations. Totally not about people starving and socialism raping yet another nation. Nah. Steve Bannon something, something. How in the world does this Rhodes Scholar (snicker) still have an audience? 

Then there's Neil de Grasse Tyrson who thinks Trump's science deniers "threaten" democracy.

Hey, Neil I wonder how many people - mostly fans of yours I'm sure - at the science march believe there are no differences between genders, gender is fluid and social constructs. 

The comments are just as absurd.


Party of reason folks.

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