Of (Andrew) Potter And Quebec

I'm not gonna get into the whole affair of what Potter said about the problems in Quebec society into any detail.

I'm just going to react and respond (about the reaction from Quebec and his unfortunate resignation. Which only points to the power of shrill faux rage nationalism has)....it's par for the course here.

It's simple with Quebec.

Quebec dishes it out but can't take it.

It's an insecure region (they readily admit its absurd language laws that trample on civil liberties hinge on vulnerability) with a penchant to over blown any perceived attack.

They forever live in an under sieged mentality mostly not realizing no one gives a shit about Quebec. Quebec is not a place people flock to or look to for any ideas.

And usually for good reason.

Whatever 'negative' image Quebec has is largely of its own doing. If you're gonna call a news conference to squawk about 'encroaching English signs' on the landscape, then you leave yourself open to mockery.

If someone (correctly) points out our corruption is the worst among the provinces (and rivals Americans states like Illinois and New York), a tu quoque response of 'yeah but others too!' doesn't help the process of attempting to remedy the problem.

Never mind the fact by several metrics we're a laggard on the continent from high high school drop out rates to low productivity to high debt. It's worth reminding we're Mississippi North; and even then Mississippi is making greater strides than we are. We have a 'fonctionnaire' mentality forever suspicious of private enterprise and largely pay for luxurious programs (i.e. public daycare) through equalization payments other provinces indirectly pay for.

Maybe this is why the province is so defensive?

Quebec is tiresome and to insignificant to waste time on with this crap.

What I find most hilarious is the usual parties that go on the attack when they feel insulted are, by their very nature, populist, tribal, xenophobic ones like the Bloc Quebecois and Parti quebecois who are rooted in 'we v. them' politics. Some of the most racist rubbish I've heard in Canadian politics comes from Quebec.

The crap I hear on Quebec radio and TV sometimes would not make it to air in the rest of the continent. It wouldn't. I sit there and laugh to myself at how far removed they seem to be from the reality of 'les autres'.

Here's the thing they don't get. It's mostly 'them v. them' because the rest of the country has moved on.

I don't say this to bash. I say this as resident of this province. I don't agree with Couilllard when he once said, with a splash of hyperbole, on CTV news, 'we're the best place in the world to live in'. Damn, we're not even the best in our own country. If we were, believe you me, there'd be a flock of talent coming here. Instead, there's a consistent brain drain of our best talent.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss what people are saying.

Rather, maybe it's time Quebec for once matures and buys a mirror.

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