Sweden: Cuck En Masse


At first, after viewing one individual - likely a Muslim refugee - beat down three Swedish female officers I was left....speechless.

How can you be a citizen of Sweden and not be thoroughly embarrassed but the turn of events in the video? It paints a cartoonish image of a society perceived to be weak as a result of its obscene submission to political correctness.

The first thought that came to me was why are there no male officers? Especially given the propensity of Muslim refugees to rape and act violently? What was the point of such sheer stupidity?

In the flesh you see why women aren't equal to men physically. They just aren't. And no amount of feminist bashing of men and reworking of science or gender re-engineering will ever change this biological fact.

Men are stronger than women.

Violent men only magnify this fact.

The other was the remarkable backing off of the cops to let that animal run wild. It's all well and good they claim to have apprehended him after but that's not how it should have gone done lest he caused more damage or worse.

This to me is a national disgrace. You can't be a self-respecting country (then again this is a dopey country that has socialist women go bow to Iranian theocrats) and behave this way. I don't care how much indoctrination about 'compassion' has filtered and seeped into Swedish (heck, Scandinavian) society.

The left loves to wish we were more like Scandinavia.

I want to be nothing like them.

I like to think we have integrity and dignity.

Scandinavia (along with other countries in Europe led by Germany not to mention idiot cities like Los Angeles and Montreal who offer sanctuary cities that really make a mockery of the NATIONAL government's role in protecting citizens) are acting like they have no pride in themselves.

And this is troubling as it is an indictment of where we're at in the West.

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