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"Ted Turner (Atlanta Journal Constitution, Wed. Dec. 2, 1998) in an address to the Society of Environmental Journalists in Chattanooga – blamed Christianity for overpopulation and environmental degradation, and argued that the people who disagree with him are “dummies.” He stated in part, “The Judeo-Christian religion says man was given dominion over everything, and his salvation was that he was to go out and increase and multiply. Well, we have done that … to the point where in Calcutta, it’s a hellhole. So it’s not an environmentally friendly religion.”

If I were to ever cull all the quotes I've culled over the years, this one would probably rank high.

It's delicious in its projection, arrogance and stupidity.

It also reminds us that being wealthy and successful in one thing doesn't translate or transfer into being smart and understanding history.

It does show how climate system change hysteria turns critical thinking into mush. 

The one gaping problem in his comment, of course, is that Christianity is not the dominant religion in India.

The other major flaw is of all the major religions, Christianity has among the lowest birth rates with Islam being the most prolific.

But you wouldn't hear Ted declare this fact (just like Jews face much more hate crimes than Muslims do and likely ever will), right?


The anti-Western sentiment among progressive elites is insufferable as it is troubling.

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