Will Litigation Begin?

We continue to fail in our pandemic response.

It's all so unnerving.

Right now, children are paying the price as we mask them up and turn classes into cinder block cages.

I've seen one too many 'if this was war' analogies. All I can say to that is bull shit.

We act like we're facing an existential threat. Covid-19 -Wuhan is NOT a threat to us.

Are people paying any fucking attention? 

It's deplorable and a disgrace.

Teachers in particular have to speak out and stop the emotional trauma inflicting on kids by government. If you're a teacher that is still calling for online teaching, quit projecting your fears on the kids, get off your ass and go to work. Spare us you're 'we're following the science' garbage. The science is telling us the opposite to be frank.

Parents, do not let yourselves be emotionally manipulated. Don't accept your kids being thrown into cinder block cages making their learning experiences miserable. I'm seeing one too many kids under 10 in masks and this is unacceptable and must stop.

They've already stolen months of our lives. GET ITBACK. You're not an 'extremist' or 'conspiracy theorist' if you question their authority. There are plenty of famous, legitimate, reputable ad great doctors, virologists and scientists who question all this.

The science is on our side.

As it stands for me, I've lost trust and confidence in public officials.

They made a monumental mistake with lockdowns rooted in panic and not science.

I believe litigation should begin to sue for the emotional and economic destruction we've hurled on people.

It's not enough to apologize. 

They should be made to account. 

It's been well reported and established by now we're at the cure worse than the disease stage and yet we keep doubling down. How many people have died because of our actions?

And we know who are the players. Tam, Fauci, Birx, premiers and governors like Ford, Legault (for his mask mandates), Cuomo, Whitmore, Wolf, Inslee, Murphy to name a few as well as Mayors and councillors who continue the measures and lockdowns.

If you ordered kids to be in mask, you should be sued and scorned. 

Enough of this panic and hysteria already.

While we dick around with arrows on the floor, plexiglass and masks, Sweden has announced they're going back to normal by October as they've not reported any cases in a week.

They didn't psychologically traumatize their citizens and children and preserved civil liberties.

We should be ashamed and embarrassed. 

Even the sheep are embarrassed. 


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