Contact Tracing Is The Sibling Of Nazism

Excessive compassion can be a bad thing.

I'm seeing a whole lot of it during this pandemic.

At the moment, hysteria is gripping people's minds and I'm afraid the scars will remain for the rest of their lives.

For those of us keeping a strong and healthy disposition, we can't but watch in disapproving disappointment.

Man will do what it has to do when fear dictates reason.

Politically speaking, the rhetoric and actions of public officials in dealing with the virus has been a travesty and a showcases in mental cruelty.

Sometimes I wonder if the narcissists running our affairs are only mirroring the narcissists who demand for more sado-masocistic treatment. They live in a irrational embrace.

There's no way to begin having a rational discussion. It's all empty virtue-signalling and vapid slogans all the way down. 'Wear a mask, save a life' and 'people wear seat belts and this is a small price to pay' and all that stupid line of thinking only stupid people can possibly utter.

We have politicians who treat lockdowns as if it's a viable strategy. In California, that middling moron Garcetti threatens to shut off people's water if they dare gather to party. In Wisconsin, whoever runs amok in its public institutions decided it people must wear masks on Zoom calls to set a 'good example' and 'remind' people they're in a pandemic.

It's less about science and more about control and theatre at this point.

And people continue to buy into this hideous superstition.

I heard the other day British Columbia wants to hire 500 contract tracers  Brown shirts to track people with Covid. Anyone with a grasp of Nazi German history knows how this plays out. Just replace Covid-19 with Jews.

We've already conditioned people to think healthy people (through the asymptomatic theory)they pose a danger to public threat. It's not a stretch to think contact tracing can easily result in jail time - and if things really get out of hand (and we're on that trajectory unless we reign it in) much worse.

And what harm is it doing to children? Learning to see everyone as a danger, and being trained that it’s normal to react this way to a new flu virus will inevitably psychologically impact them. If schools don't open and we continue to deprive them of activities the lack of socialization will prove the most damaging. 

We are fucking up children’s minds and their future. I feel really bad for anyone just getting out of high school now.

We taught kids a terrible lesson. And we made it worse with the masks. It infuriates me parents who put kids in masks pushing it as a faux-virtuous act. 
Adults deserve a smack across the face for projecting their fears onto kids. Public officials can rot in hell as far as I’m concern for what amounts to child abuse in my view.
We're handling this pandemic poorly and miserably. 


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