Daily Derp: Coronavirus Panic Continues Despite The Lies, Mixed Messages And Positive Data

Apparently, if you dare go against the government narrative that makes you a 'Covidiot'.

I see that a lot from mainstream writers. Here in Quebec the talking heads are swallowing whole the notion of 'doing it for the nation' nonsense where it comes to mass mask usage. One guy spoke of 'Le Contrat' with an actual letter attached in his article.

Oh the sophomoric vapidness on display!

The thing is, those of us casting a skeptical eye are driven purely by facts and science. I think this blog as done a strong job of showing and linking to various world experts outside the mainstream realm questioning the specious prevailing logic guiding policy.

Are those scientists 'covidiots'? Looks like they are according to these bums in media.

Bottom line: There's not enough empirical evidence backing MANDATED masks wearing.

We have this. They resort to name calling and public shaming.

Just who are the idiots?

As for Quebec itself, it takes its cues more from the CDC and Fauci than it does Sweden and Dr. Tegnell.

The thing is, Sweden is acting right in with established virology and science. It's us and other places fooling ourselves believing we're thinking outside the box.

Some box.


Body may recognize the coronavirus through T-cells.

This is encouraging news.

And possibly another notch under the 'end the panic sooner than later' belt.


I have a huge problem with the notion of healthy people being perceived as a threat to others.

Don't people see the danger in this kind of thinking and where it can lead?

I think people who choose to not wear a mask are acting rationally.

And it is not established that or clear how asymptomatic people transmit the virus.

There's no need for this crazy rhetoric about 'asymptomatic people killing others'.

What do you want to do? Arrest them? Have them committed?

And do NOT say this is not possible assuming we won't go there. We're already in the hysteria so anything is possible and plausible. Germany flirted with the idea and we're not immune from it.


If you argue in favor of wearing a mask on the grounds it's courteous and respectful to your fellow man in a spirit of humanity but support the lockdowns you've lost the plot and moral high ground given the awful unintended consequences it has inflicted on people.

But it's easier to engage in symbolic faux-virtue than to actually ponder that which you cannot see.

To me, a true humanist laments the lives ruined or lost due to the lockdowns. It's called being empathetic to real misery.

Wearing a mask is just manufactured consent. It has no virtuous and very little scientific value.

Does anyone not realize the utter absurdity of wearing a mask into a restaurant until they reach their table and then remove it for the night and then put it back on to leave?

No one thinks how preposterous this is?


Is it me or did the data from the Diamond Princess reflect the data we've learned about the virus?

20% got infected and 1% died - or 14 people. According to the flawed scary models that the lockdowns and our reactions were based, it was supposed to be 116. Half of the ship had asymptomatic people. So if they posed such a danger why didn't more people die? Why didn't it spread like wild flower in such a contained space?

The answers are stating at us in the face and we continue to believe otherwise.

Furthermore, it lends more credence to the WHO's now retracted claim asymptomatic people don't spread the virus as easily.

This fact prompted Dr. Fauci to write in the NEJM it would be “akin to a severe seasonal influenza”

Turns out Fauci was right and he was right about masks.

So why did he flip?

Can it be we're simply looking at it wrong?


Heaven forbid we ever admit we were wrong and Sweden was right.

I'm both envious and happy for Sweden.


In my opinion?

The people who pushed the 'this is going to kill us' narrative?

Like that guy at Imperial College Neil Ferguson and everyone who bought into it along the way?

They should be arrested and charged for crimes against humanity.

I'm serious.

The seeds of destruction left behind by their errors is inhumane. The lockdowns were never rooted in any kind of science and never will be.

I would like for someone to calculate the difference between people already adjusting their behaviours in the economy prior to the lockdown with government announcing a full scale lockdown.


The same goes for legacy media and social media. They're censoring doctors and scientists who are espousing actual ESTABLISHED science. By denying people access to this information they in effect are killing people.

HCQ and RFL-100 work. What's so controversial about this? We should be happy.

But TDS is so severe now, it's actually costing lives.

Trump was right.

They were wrong.

And the election meddling by social media has begun.


In any event, the suspension of critical thinking continues I'm afraid as people continue to hold on to the notion that just because the virus is out there without a vaccine means we need to live in fear and modify of habits (ie masks) despite two major facts: One, the lethality is not what it was once thought and racing towards flu like levels (it's already marginally higher) and two, the improved and effective treatments.

People need to come to terms with the fact that the probabilities of them being an outlier are extremely remote and that the vast majority of people infected survive it. There are some concerns for sure but overall the idea we continue to allow clueless bureaucrats micro-manage our lives is preposterous and no longer tenable.

Leaders that continue to employ drastic and draconian measures like we see in California, Ontario, New York, New Jersey, Quebec, New Zealand, and Australia are no better than arsonists setting fire to a building.

This is what those leaders are doing they're burning down the mental and economic health of their nations out of pure fear.


Dr. Fauci has proven time and again he doesn't mind lying if he believes it's for the greater good. He's the mad scientist comic villain personified. He has sent so many mixed signals and refuses to behave in any dignified manner it's a marvel he hasn't lost credibility with the majority of people.

I'm almost certain the second it's announced the pandemic is over or Trump wins in November, he'll be looking for new work.

Notice his smug, hand waving gesture at the end. Rep. Jordan did a good job calling him out.


To expand on Fauci, he says to wear goggles. A PhD doctor specializing in coronaviruses explained to a friend of mine that the virus does NOT go through the eyes.

So why is Fauci spouting his damn mouth off like this?

It only confirms Jordan's line of questioning.


California chaos. Californians have been wearing masks for three months now. And they're bitchy about protecting this pseudo-science too.

What a clown place.

Apparently there's an exodus. Well, if there is one my advice to the places taking Cali refugees in is do NOT let them impose their politics on your place. Fight back hard and viciously as the left does. They will turn your state into a disaster zone.

When people fled communist nations back in the day, they didn't vote for socialism or communism. They're the most fervently anti-communists out there because they lived under such depraved and violent regimes. Just like them, Californians who invade places like Texas, Colorado and Tennessee should not import the very politics that ruined California. They should be glad to leave it behind.

The pandemic plainly showed Republican states are sane and sober.

They certainly don't need the bankrupted stupidity of a Gavin Newsome.


As mentioned, treatments are developing quickly almost rendering the idea of waiting for a vaccine somewhat unnecessary.

Why do I get the feeling some powerful people and companies are angry the virus didn't cooperate? Someone or something keeps pushing this pandemic.

The truth shall prevail. Hopefully.


Matt Novak follows orders like a good little sheep.

Not sure what he saw that was bonkers here. Seems like Wittkowski is more right than not.

The only bonkered people are the ones who keep acting like this virus is still a threat. It's a health concern that we can handle.

No reason to lockdown or mask up. And that's just the way it is.


One way to know if the 'white lab coats' are serous about this pandemic is by simply observing what they do.

If Harvard experts demand 13 states lockdown immediately, then they should graciously donate their pay checks to charity until it passes.

Same with Fauci whenever he says other people's lives have to be interrupted with potential life altering consequences. Think that Anthony? 'Pees'a cash' as we joked in Italian. Loosely translated as flash the cash; put your money where your damn mouth is.

Same with the politicians. Here in Quebec, they announced another lockdown is not a likely scenario even if there's a second wave which they think will arrive. Gee, thanks masters. I'd like to think they saw the destruction it causes but I'm not so sure.

Those politicians in Australia and New Zealand should be TRUE leaders and cough up their pay checks and stand in true solidarity with their people.

Then I'd take the phrase 'we're in this together seriously'. Until then, it's just empty bull shit.

But boy do the mid-wits eat that up.


Nova Scotia reported no new cases but keep the emergency measures in place.

How no one can raise a hand here and ask 'wtf?' really is distressing.

Then again, when you pander to the lowest common denominator....

NS is open. You just need to quarantine for 14 days & wear a mask to protect our aging & vulnerable humans. This is the reason why our case numbers remain low & the cases we DO have are a result of TRAVELLERS. We have NO community spread ATM and would like to keep it that way

I think this person has it exactly backwards and hasn't thought through at all what they just wrote.


Back to the 'do as I say and not as I do' part.

Enter Mayor of Brampton, Ontario Patrick Brown.

If you go to his Twitter account his excuse is just about as lame as you'd expect for a dictatorial Mayor.

Basically, he blamed white supremacists for his hypocrisy.

I gotta look for my shocked face mask.


Not Wuhan virus related but it involves cops and hypocrisy. L.A. councilman supports defunding police but loves to call them for protection.

Like how Minneapolis councilmen defunded the police but kept a private security force for themselves.


What does a hysteria look like?

College students and professors stage 'die-ins' across the country.

First off, I'd fire the professors.

Second, someone should inform these twits their demographic is largely safe and that the virus comes with a 99.8% survival rate.


Homeschooling is sky rocketing. Parents are basically telling the system to go fly a kite. In fact, it may actually save children from the social justice factory of propaganda that has become of education.

The teacher's unions, because they're teachers, don't understand the concept of unintended consequences. They're so arrogant they believe everyone will just love them and accept their decision to screw kids over.

The other appalling thing about arguing to keep schools closed and online is that it pressures low income families who don't have the luxury of staying home since they have to go to work.

Teachers better realize fast they're not indispensable.

Go back to work.


Domestic violence death rises due to lockdowns.

Those deaths are ABSOLUTELY on the heads of politicians who imposed lockdowns.

And you know who you all are.

Fauci, Whitmore, Legault, Arruda, Ford, Murphy, Boris Johnson, Newsome, Cuomo, Inslee, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany and so on.

All on your damn heads.

And the social angst you clowns are pushing with the useless masks will also be attributed back to you.



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