Daily Wuhan Derp: Knock, Knock....

Who's there?
Sheep who?
Bah, bah, bah. We're all sheep now.


This is my reaction to some of the comments out there on the Internet.

Ok let's move on.

Speaking of screech inducing cringe, let's turn to noted intellect and illiberal jester Patton Oswalt.

In defending the lockdowns and in the process - naturally - mocking people protesting them (because there's a serious clusterfuck of unintended consequences) because they're watching (particularly in the case of small businesses) their lives permanently damaged, he attempted to make a false analogy about how Ann Frank hid from the Nazis for two years.

How cowering in your room mandated by a clueless government and bowing to appeals to authority is totes the same as hiding against your will because literal murderers were out to literally kill you can only be something an illiberal progressive can think of. Only progressives can read history and completely miss the point.

The 'Ann Frank hid for two years' trope is just about the most absurd analogy they've come up with.

Wouldn't surprise me if Patton was around he'd snitch on her.


Actually, if Twitter was around during the American Revolution people like Patton and Charles Pierce would be mocking the revolutionaries and Founding Fathers.


The power of the precautionary principle is that it can be applied in perpetuity. Here, we're watching a hysterical application of it as a means to an end.

When wars end, a country surrenders and we have a finality to it. With the virus it only ends when the authorities say it is. And this is highly problematic particularly in this situation given we've already shut down the economy and people just took it. So it's very easy to go from 'we're doing this to not overwhelm the system' (even though ironically we're doing exactly that by over working health workers while furloughing other. In the USA, private hospitals like Mayo are struggling. These are just some examples of the immeasurable damage caused) and 'flatten the curve' (I noted the second jargon enters the calculus and countries all use the same lingo, watch out. Both have been essentially achieved and yet....we're still in lockdown?

Oh right, now it's 'stay home, save a life'. We have our celebrity masters just sprouting government propaganda at this point on TV.


Speaking of insufferable bull shit, I can't possibly be the only one who thinks signing 'O, Canada' is just about the most unproductive and cheeses thing you can do. On this alone we should open up if not to spare us from one silly and vapid activity after another.

No, we're not 'Together'.

And I the only anthem I recognize is the version with 'All thy sons command'.

I will never submit to the revised version rooted in identity politics.


But it looks like Montreal is in trouble if these two have their way.

"We really want to bring together the winning conditions so the deconfinement is safe," Plante said.

As for when Montreal will be open for business, the regional public health director, Dr. Mylène Drouin, said it's "pretty difficult to give a date."

Notice now it's 'winning conditions'. What the fuck does that mean? Is the Habs winning the Cup part of those 'winning conditions?  As for Drouin, her quote is even more troubling. She just basically said 'you belong to us and we'll decide'.

Tell you Mme. Plante. I will be advocating for civil disobedience if you keep this preposterous charade up longer than it has to.

It troubles me to no end how easily public health officials can exert such power on our economy. Not to mention they seem to be unhappy their dire predictions (which as you know I was skeptical about from the get-go) aren't coming to pass yet they keep the warning us that it can still get worse!

Are people really willing to sit down and take this? Are they really that scared?

When all this is over, people like Plante and Drouin will be patting themselves on the back for having saved mankind. They will ignore their role in the destruction of other parts of our society. They will have accomplished their goal.

Me? I will see them and their ilk in an opposite light.


"....And despite the fact that the subway system in New York City, an obviously analogous disease vector in the hotbed of COVID-19 in the U.S., has not yet been shut down, every gym in NYC and New York State (where you can wash your hands) is closed until further notice. In other words, until the government decides to “allow” their owners to use their property as they see fit, they are closed, along with bars, restaurants, and all other retail that must be conducted in a building – except for some businesses that must be conducted in a building, like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe's. (As of now, I am aware of no plans to alter the taxes on these properties that are obviously affected by a government taking.)"

must read.

Tell you what, the second I get a chance to sell my business I will.

What just happened here? This is a precedent that will happen again.

Now who in their right mind would put down hundreds of thousands of dollars on a business if now they have to consider the government going quasi-communist and shutting you down for an infectious disease? 

The ramifications of this are irrevocable. 

"....In consideration of this, how likely is a bank or an investor to lend money to anybody contemplating the silly idea of opening a “non-essential” business? How likely is a commercial landlord to lease to a business that cannot afford to pay its rent every other winter? Is a nice sit-down restaurant or any bar a viable business under these circumstances? Will all food be take-out from now on, or will Walmart and Home Depot, with their now-incalculably-valuable “essential” status, move into the food-service sector, with restaurants inside their essential stores? The questions boggle the mind."

We just took the wrong turn and we're not going back.

This is a catastrophe of our own making. We have responded to a bad situation in a shameful way. Some of us have given up liberty for perceived safety, and some of us have seized power in this undeniably rich opportunity to abuse cowardice. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to such an insult. And it will – it always does.


Also ironic is the longer politicians hide behind medical bureaucrats the more damage we do to our society at large. This is getting serious. People are being denied surgeries and now we're hearing stories of health care workers losing custody of their kids.

We've completely lost the plot.

And if you can't be bothered to look around and insist on the lockdowns being 'necessary' while claiming others lack 'compassion', I think it's you that needs to pay closer attention, get your ass out of your head and rethink your own humanist vision.


Where are the usual progressive sauce that demands everyone be hauled in front of a court in The Hague for crimes against humanity? Tedros and the CCP basically perpetuated a crime against humanity and people aren't angry? Oh right. They're busy being the useful myopic idiots they are focusing on Trump.  


Listend to Philip K. Howard on The David Webb Show.

The power of the bureaucracy and how it impacts society is a serious issue. It's so bad the U.S. has a Red Tape Relief Project (Canada has the CFIB and CTF who focus on this issue) and even during the pandemic where things need to move quickly, bureaucrats applying red tape rules continue to operate slowing up any responses or decisions to reach people in a timely and efficient manner.

It was pretty clear to me Trump navigate through a dystopian disaster of obsessive and absuvie red tape governed by a swamp of incompetence. Doest' take a genius to see this. 

Alas, much easier to attack a leader as opposed to a corrupted system. You know the saying, it's easier to fire the coach than trading or firing all the players.


This is how revisionism works. Democrat style:

Yeh. Ssssure.

If you can't put your political differences aside during an episode that clearly points to China as the culprit and the WHO being at fault, then you're a useful idiot.


Government is ok when the society is healthy, self-reliable and blessed with a strong family unit. This is when an honest co-existence can serve the people who maintain their sovereign power.

It's dangerous when responsibility and accountability is off-loaded to the state as well as a society that has eschewed family and Christianity full stop because we become a slave to it completely striped of our agency.


TV pitches:

Mike Science v. Deborah Science. A heartwarming custody battle story for a transgendered cyclop. A family broken by white privilege finds redemption in smashing the patriarchy. But whatever becomes of poor Chico – the cyclop – who must choose between a world divided by social constructs championed by retards and the unsettled science of normalcy.

Karen is cast as a bureaucrat or nosy neighbour who sleeps around and drives around texting in her Land Rover.

Why not? Will & Grace and Samantha Bee are on TV. 


Tedros gonna terror. Did you notice his recent presser about how the worst is yet to come with a ‘trust us?’ 

‘And the virus is gonna form into a big monster and it’s gonna make noise like this ‘Ryeeeearggh!’ and ‘Reeeeeeeee!’ and it’s going to then morph into a big blob drinking the blood of white kids and Israeli’s because of what they did to Palestine. And then it’s going to mutate and take human form….”
CNN reporter (interjecting): Like in The Thing?
Tedros (snaps finger): YES! Like in The Thing. And it’s gonna go around French kissing everyone so that its people will take over and this is why the WHO must take over all properties! WE’RE HERE TO SAVE EVERY SINGLE HODGY AND HICK!
Stands up. Takes towel and clips it with clothesline clip.
World bows in fear.
Bah, bah, bah, bah.
Oh the horrors! They can't think for themselves. Every single one of those people and their outlook is exactly how you get gulags. 
If you dare think the economy shouldn't suffer for this, somehow you're an ignorant, maniacal Trumpster.
Yet, they can't even fricken see the science isn't going to get this straight for some time so are they suggesting everyone stay put and do nothing?
World Health Organization Motto: You fucked up! You trusted us!

I wonder if those who prey on the fears of people during a pandemic must read Lovecraft.

"...Seething, stewing, surging, bubbling like serpents' slime it rolled up and out of that yawning hole, spreading like a septic contagion and streaming from the cellar at every point of egress - streaming out to scatter through the accursed midnight forest and strew fear, madness and death."

The Lurking Fear, H.P. Lovecraft.

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