U.S. Politics: Sanders Deserves Criticism; Commies For Hillary

No, Bernie Grandpa Gulag Sanders richly - excuse the pun - deserves to be chastised and shamed for buying a $600 000 home. Personally, good for him - hopefully it wasn't on credit given his debt level woes.

On the scale of things, this is likely his least objectionable thing (progressives naturally pick and choose how they will apply enjoying the fruits of capitalism) given his terrible takes on the economy, creating a behemoth welfare state, and historical appreciation for dictators. In other words, your run of the mill left-winger.

Had his outlook not been one of demonizing capitalism or choice (and yes, his *democratic* socialism is all about taking from the productive classes to hand over to other people) he'd be free and clear of the criticism.
Alas, he did not as he never let up questioning the very system that permitted him to make such a purchase.

Next time don't say insipid things like 'no one needs 23 types of deodorant' to make some esoteric vapid point about consumerism. Especially when you know damn well you break that line of logic in private life.

I mean, who needs a second home, right Bernie? Or, to borrow from Obama, how much is enough?!


Speaking of commies.

The Communist Party throws its support behind Hillary.


Their new motto? This time it'll be different!


Seth Conrad Rich adds fuel to conspiracy theories about dead bodies in and around the Clinton mafia.

What makes this one especially interesting is that Julian Assange claims he was Wikileaks' DNC insider.


Nothing seems to knock Hillary out. Not emails. Not laughing at dead dictators. Not past rape cases. Not crooked foundations. Not Benghazi. Nothing.

She's like a virus. The political equivalent of a Plantar Wart.


Boy, no shortage of celebrities weighing in on politics these past few years, eh?

Not sure how much stock and weight to put into an insulated class that likely can't tell the difference between Weber and a Weber.

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