Bill 74: Quebec One Step Closer To Full Censorship

Quebec continues to feed its tyrannical impulse.

A little-publicized bill that is making its way through Quebec's legislative process has digital-law experts and others worried that the concept of a free and open Internet is being threatened in the province.

Bill 74 includes a provision that seeks to force Internet service providers to block Quebecers' access to online gambling sites that aren't approved by the government.

The province's finance minister says the bill is necessary to protect the health and safety of Quebecers because illegal sites don't apply the same "responsible gaming rules" as sites run by the government and pose a "risk to the population."

Necessary? Carlos Leitao is now just insulting us to our faces with this tripe. What a joke. This is all about Quebec protecting its turf like mobsters do. 

Critics say the Internet-censoring legislation — unprecedented in Canada — is a way for Quebec's state-owned gambling authority to block competition and could lead to governments across the country deciding what citizens can and can't view online.

No shit. Voters better come to the realization through cynical crony laws like this one are designed not to protect people but to further the financial needs of the state. 

In a province that prevents people from freely choosing access to education in the language of their choice and home to laws that restrict freedom like Bill 22 and Bill, Bill 74 keeps in Quebec's long tradition of anti-liberty behavior.

A shameful, backward law indeed and one in which I hope no province follows. Though I have little hope the Little Red Liberals are not that far off with this sort of thinking.

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