Regressive $15 Minimum Wage Fortunately Not In The Plans Here

It's been a while since a Canadian politician has made any sense about the economy and business (the Liberals under Finance Minister Morneau have been extremely disappointing on this front) let alone one from Quebec. But lo and behold even statists get something right from time to time.

Don't expect - thankfully - for $15 minimum wage to be coming here anytime soon. As a small business owner, I truly held my breath hoping the nonsense that has gone on in the USA in places like Seattle and San Francisco wasn't coming here. Luckily, I don't have to face the implications of such an arbitrary and counter-productive measure.

"In response, Carlos Leitao told reporters the $15 number was "arbitrary" and that it didn't make much sense.

"As an economist, what I want is a relationship between the minimum wage and the median wage," he said.

"Whether it is $15, $14, $13 or $17, it depends on the reality of each state, each jurisdiction. The minimum wage in Quebec doesn't need to be the exact same as in Ontario, the United States or elsewhere."

Though a welcomed, it is indeed arbitrary and thus pointless, it's best to remember this is the government and they do still cling to the (antiquated and stale) theory of minimum wage.  Here's a thought. Let those jurisdictions determine what that 'minimum' is.

Alas, what they giveth they taketh as I have to remind myself that this is the same bunch that brought in a carbon tax (which is just as negative a measure) and Bill 74.

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