Are You In?

Come on America. Get Gary Johnson to 15% and have a three candidate debate!

What have you got to lose? Seriously.

Hillary or Trump?

Get real.

There has never been a better time to uproot and revamp American politics than now. Americans can truly make a difference by choosing the Johnson option.

Libertarians are disappointed that Johnson has shied away from libertarian principles on some issues and they fear once in power he'll eschew it altogether.

Personally, it's better than nothing. Let the general population see in action how a libertarian leaning politician operates. It's not like there's no track record as his time as Governor of New Mexico shows.

Bill Weld is even less libertarian but I can see why Johnson chose him as running mate. Also experience having governed Massachusetts, he presents a professional account for libertarian perspectives.

Baby steps. People have to be weened off progressivism that is naturally embedded in the psyche.

It'll take some time but first...15%.

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