Daily Derp: There Is A Rape Crisis

Just not in the way you think.

Hillary care sooo much for you, she will rape you by having you pay for all the 'free stuff' she promises to give you.

In other words, sigh, as is always the case with progressive Democrat policies, the Middle class will get reamed; as it did with Obamacare.

Democrats aren't that into you.


She's also reckless.


Ever notice the odd disconnect where people don't care about the plight of people in places like Cuba always generally overlooking their misery (and often actually romanticizing and defending it)? Yet suddenly believe in the concept of the greater good at home thus permitting them to tolerate more government welfare programs?


Thinking about the irrational hysteria against building pipeline. I guess it's better to have more port catastrophes?

People who oppose the pipeline and politicians who support it are directly negatively impacting our economy. 


"Belgium's Prime Minister condemned the attack on Twitter: "I condemn the attack in Charleroi with force."

You tell 'em!

Don't forget the angry emoticon! Grrrr!


Excuses, excuses

If you're lazy, you just may be intelligent!

Meh. I was told it could also be related mental disorders like depression.

I tend to procrastinate but I was the kernel kicked off the cob.

I hate eating corn on the cob. The kernels get all stuck in my teeth and then I look like more of an idiot.


Every generation thinks itself smarter (and with this particular generation known as millennials, they believe to be more virtuous and righteous) than the last. and if by 35 they haven't figured out they're no different than previous generations, cut 'em loose.

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