On Liberty: Mike Ward Must Appeal

I'm thoroughly disgusted with the decision by the - shudders - Quebec Human Rights Tribunal (an un-elected fascistic board that exists it seems to monitor newly and speciously ordained protected classes or groups) - ordering comedian Mike Ward pay $42 000 in damages to a kid (who by the way claimed to be terminally ill but isn't) known as Petit Jeremy.

Once again, Quebec shows how things ought NOT be where freedom of speech is concerned. Recall, this is the home of Bill 22 and 101 where they, being a sufficiently insecure and somewhat insular lot, fine you for having the temerity to post - gasp! - English words in your place of business.

This is the face of *enlightened* and *balanced* free speech? So we're clear for the overly sensitive minded who think they have an enlightened view on this. That his joke flopped and was in poor taste is irrelevant and inconsequential. What matters is our right to free speech and expression. 

This is not a path we want to go down.

Fuck petit Jeremy and fuck any bull shit human rights tribunal.


But Quebec is not alone where matters of liberty are concerned.

Take Germany.

I have no idea what's happening there but from afar, it seems to be undergoing some sort of existential inner-civil war and it's not pretty.

Germany is a prime example of a nation unhinged before the gods of political correctness where it will consider prosecuting, fining and/or imprisoning its own citizens for...well, basically bull shit.

"...Thomas Salbey, 57, saw the shooting happening from his balcony in the Bavarian capital on July 22. 

In an attempt to stop 18 year old Ali Sonboly from further slaughtering people, he swore at the shooter as he was standing in a car park below...."

"...Now, in a twist of German justice, Mr Salbey is now facing charges for standing up to the killer who shot himself in the head.

Florian Weinzierl, spokesman from the Munich State Prosecutor’s office, confirmed the Munich resident is being investigated."

"...What will be included in the charges remains to be established, as it whether they will be brought forward.

But Mr Weinzierl, suggested they could include “insults to the detriment of the dead.

/face palm.

Oh FFS grow a pair Germany.

Fuck prosecutor Florian Weinzierl.


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  1. That's a real problem there
    ...making "culprits" out of those who are merely reacting to bizarre adverse circumstances.
    Egotistic lawmakers, let loose on the system ...
    And obsequious authority figures and civilian population dutifully complying with whatever the "system" deems "appropriate".


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