Islamic Terrorism: Get Used To It?

I'm hearing more and more politicians telling their respective citizens to 'get used to terrorism' in their countries.

This is unfortunate as it is disturbing.

No. People shouldn't have to accept 'getting used' to murder and mayhem. The ONE legitimate function of government every single ideology agrees upon is it is the duty of government to protect its citizens in the national interest.

Listening to European leaders from Sweden, Germany, the UK, Belgium, France leaves me unimpressed with their cowardly rhetoric on the subject. While the problem is especially big in Europe, it's by no means isolated to it. We hear similar comments here in North America. The other on CNN Gary Johnson said the same thing which disappointed me greatly.

Strongly worded rebukes are just that: Words. Terrorists don't give a hoot about rhetoric. They respond to action.

Which makes me wonder if government is failing their peoples, will vigilantism be on the rise?

And if civil war does occur, it will unleash the dark side of European civilization in the name of defending itself. History has shown Europe is more than willing to engage in violence.

The sad thing is, it doesn't have to be this way. If only government would just do their bloody jobs.

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  1. Seems to me governments and authorities are more concerned with going after oddballs and social outcasts than they are actually pursuing those who are actually dangerous and threatening.

    Conformity and normalcy are of greater concern to the system than anything else.


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