Of book stores, art and Canadian Nationalism

I placed an order on Chapters/Indigo online a couple of months back. I bought a soccer book - one that I hope to review shortly if I can remember its contents - and a novel by a Canadian writer.

The soccer book came but the novel never did. This morning I received a notice from Chapters explaining they had to cancel the order and a few other blah, blah, blah's.

It's not the first time this happens but this one is somewhat irksome. I could not resist responding. Basically, I asked them how could a Canadian company that prides itself on being "Canadian" not have a Canadian author in stock?

Then again, this is Canada so this shouldn't surprise anyone.

The arts scene here is managed in a bizarre manner. I remember years ago wanting to purchase a Canadian jazz musician. Price? A whopping $24.95 as opposed to the average of of $16 t0 $18. Many jazz albums command higher prices but usually they are imports or special editions.

I could never quite figure out the contradiction of government assistance for the arts in the form of SOCAN and the CRTC Canadian content rules on one hand and the gouging of consumers on the other. So they force a Canadian musician to get on air but to buy that artist at a store it costs 25% more? Makes no sense.

I'm sure it has something to do with supply and demand. And how murky the publishing and recording industry operate.

Anyway, just a thought. Do Canadians REALLY support their artists?

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