Death in Vancouver airport incomprehensible

My wife and I were sitting and watching the news last night when the report came that an unarmed Polish citizen sadly died following being shocked with a Taser by police.

We witnessed for a few minutes an obviously frustrated and incredibly agitated individual lash out as a brave woman tried to calm the man down. Eventually, police came and within a few moments Tasered him.

Just like that. They seemed a little taser-happy to us.

We were speechless. Four officers and they had to do that? We always appreciate the work and sympathize with men in uniform but this incident left us confused if not angered.

Why did they have to Taser him? Did he threaten them? Though that would be hard to determine since he spoke no English. Did any of the officers speak Polish? Why was a woman able to confront him peacefully and temporarily soothe him while officers had to Taser him and then hold him to the ground while he convulsed? What if he was emotionally distressed? In this day and age where autism is on the rise, should they not be more prudent?

Something is not adding up. From the footage I saw, the police gave very little chance to intervene professionally. It seems to people watching, this could have been avoided.

The Vancouver airport and its security has some explaining to do also. The guy was roaming around for 10 hours.

There are so many questions to be answered both from the airport and the police. There had better be a good explanation for why police used excessive force in the death of Robert Dzeikanski.

In the process, Canadians should demand we bring justice to this man and his family.

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