Corporate handouts are a pointless means to a dead-end

Why oh why must we always turn to the government? Need people to listen to your music? Call the CRTC to force Canadians what to listen to. A senseless tragedy takes place? Well, put in a demand to the government to regulate human vices. The dollar spins upward thus eliminating a mirage and a competitive advantage for Canadian manufacturers? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Couldn't resist. "I like de black one..." If you get this one you have watched waaaay too much television like I have. Television intake was not regulated in my home.

Hmm. Maybe that's why I am a rebel against interventionism?

I consider myself a moderate. So, some interventionism is alright I guess for the collective good.

However, Premier Charest's recent $620 million package to rescue the manufacturing sector is one area that seems just plain misguided - not to mention wasteful. Nice these types of games.

Corporate handouts are ridiculous. Especially to companies who should have known better. Times were good when the dollar was down and companies should have been a little more enlightened. The concept of 'saving for a rainy day' certainly had no friends among them. Or what about being prepared in the event of a rising dollar?

Instead the emperor had no clothes and with his (or her) hands sticking out squawking, "But we drive the economy!" Sure, in spite of yourselves.

We always tend to get top-heavy. Then we have to trim or cut away the fat like a bad abdominoplasty. Companies are filled with so many deadbeats in middle and upper management it's scary. Scary as Tom Brady starting on his own 25 yard line. Scary as a drunk Saskatchewanite (or is it Saskatchewanian?) sharing a Pilsner with a polar bear in heat in the dead of winter in -40c conditions still celebrating a Grey Cup victory three months after the fact.

Shake myself back into shape.

Anyway, guess who pays for all this?

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