Montreal Canadiens have the best logo in the NHL


Tel me something we didn't know! As far as this tournament went, it makes perfect sense that the Chicago Blackhawks made the final only to lose to the Habs - like usual. Boo-hoo-hoo!

Kidding aside, notice in the first round the Detroit Red Wings lost to the....Dallas Stars? In fact, I have no idea who thinks the Blue Jackets, Lightning, Sharks and Panthers should have been in the top 16. They shouldn't be ahead of the Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils or Philadelphia Flyers.

In this commentator's opinion the Wings have one of the best jersey's in hockey - as do all the Original Six teams.

Oh by the way, did anyone catch Mike Komisarek introducing his team in French last night at the Bell Center? Of course not, if you weren't there or didn't watch the game the media didn't report it.

And for the record, Bertrand declared himself "satisfied" What a pinhead.


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