Brian Williams? On Saturday Night Live? Why not?

No matter what we're watching on Saturday nights, the channel always finds it way to Saturday Night Live. We're not dedicated fans by any stretch of the imagination but SNL has probably cornered the "curious about SNL" market. In other words, we tune in to check out who the host is and the first few skits and out we go.

Last night, as I was watching hockey I switched to NBC at 11:29pm and by 11:33pm (time not exact but it looks good. It gives the impression I took notes) we find out NBC anchorman Brian Williams was the host.

Apparently there was a debate about whether this was a good idea or not. I don't see why not. It showed a different side to Williams - one that was,well, pretty funny. I suppose the NBC brass wanted to "loosen" his image a little. Wasn't he on Jon Stewart?

As for SNL, it could have been a good idea to bring Ron Burgundy in for a skit.

In any event, people don't understand how the media works. Anyone with half a brain would see that this was a cynical plot to take over the SNL Weekend Report.


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