Hassan Almrei denied bail

Is Hassan Almrei, who entered Canada with a false passport, a terrorist? Or a person who finds, shall we say, comfort with radical ideologies?

Is this another Arar case?

Tough to say but as of 2007 - this piece was originally posts in 2005 - the courts and CSIS still feel he's a threat to national security and he's been held in a Kingston jail now in his 7th year.

He was arrested under the national security certificate law which has been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The conservatives are expected to table a new version of the law in the fall. The flaw in the previous law was that suspects were arrested without a chance to defend themselves.

Is this an example of government and law enforcement learning the ropes on the fly of how to deal with an invisible enemy?

My question is that while he is getting support from people like Alexandre Trudeau, Linda McQuaig and Stuart McLean, do people acknowledge there are terrorist cells operating in Canada?

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