Daily Derp: Coviderp- 19

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Models - ta-dah! - predicting mass death due to reopening the economy.....flops. Spectacularly. 

The problem we need to extricate from our mindset is the assumption lockdowns work. And the same faulty thinking is driving the mass mask hysteria.

Our entire approach has been hinged on failed models.

We need to stop.



Open the schools.



For me it all comes down to one thing: We locked down healthy people for the first time in world history. And we didn't do it because we learned anything new about how to deal with novel viruses. We did it because we bought into faulty models predicting millions of deaths.

Once that didn't happen, we should have revered course.

Instead we're doubling down along with mask mandates.

All we're doing is delaying the inevitable and in the process we causing all sorts of shocks and damage to our psyche and economy.

This is the lesson from Sweden.


India is claiming herd immunity.

It's virus we have to learn to live with.

Living in fear of it will make us accept things or orders we perhaps should avoid.


Global HCQ studies.

We're also finding effective treatments.

Open our lives.



That's it for now. Live your life. Every passing day is precious. Don't let them take it from you.



Wait one more:

The stupidity of it all.


The enormous costs of the lockdowns have been discussed here endlessly.

What about other costs?

So far, here are a couple up front consequences of the pandemic.

1) Increased and expanded powers of government. See Doug Ford and other state governors.
2) Friction between citizens. See woman who maced couple.
3) Coercion of behavioural modification through the coercion of the state executed by police. The Quebec government coyly turned businesses into de facto arms of the government to enforce their decree.

This is just there up front observations any person should detect and NOT take lightly.

In any event, I don't think it's about the virus anymore. It's just part of the overall equation of what's going on in 2020. Th riots, the culture war, the obscene media bias, TDS and the pandemic are all inter-related somehow. Within that lies the shallowness of intellectual and political and credentialed classes just plain making worse of a mess.

The voices you should pay close attention to are the progressives who are pulling back closer to a liberal root. For example, Matt Taibbi and other progressive personalities who have the wit and courage to see what many have already observed. They're an important voice in this puzzle and battle we must overcome.

People are angry. In 2016 that manifested itself in the election of Donald Trump. In those four years, the losing party refused to take stock of what went wrong instead choosing the plunge the country into an incredibly acrimonious period based on vicious lies and innuendos. Four years lost to bring the country together. The same political party was lashing out so incoherently like Damien in Church, the lack of self-awareness and odious double-standards  so overt to a sober mind.

I find it hard to believe Joe Biden could win. Worse still, the idea he could win with Kamala Harris as his VP. Two long-time swamp creatures experts in navigating through its murky and deeply rotten waters.

In the meantime, moving forward, the coronavirus - it's best to remember - is just part of the political machinery now.

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