Toronto 2 Montreal 0

One of the things I always felt was important and should never have a whiff of politics is with road signs on our highways. It's been something that's always rubbed me the wrong way with Quebec. Millions of North Americans pass through our highways systems and you would thing we'd extend a menial courtesy of putting some key highway information in English. Instead, it's 100% in French - just to show who is boss no less.

This fact is made to look at the more petty and cynical given signs all along the 401 and right until Niagara Falls are offered in BOTH OFFICIAL LANGUAGES.

That Toronto clearly reigns supreme as Canada's metropolis - I mean it's not even a fair fight anymore. We tend, here in Montreal, to think we're two Alpha Male cities fighting for the metropolis soul of a nation. It's not. Toronto has buried us and left us with a Beta status - is obvious to anyone of sound and sober mind can observe but that they also have now showed how things should work when tiresome language politics don't drive, excuse the pun, common sense.

Heck, even fricken Vermont has more French signs than Montreal does. 

As a Montrealer, I have to say, I'm not impressed with this city. In fact, it's quite embarrassing.

But hey.  Look at all those cool bike paths and...hip people!

As for, Helene David. Well, Mme. David is too busy fighting for silly descriptors (it makes *good business sense* after all) to be bothered with all this nonsense. After all, it's Quebec and in Quebec it must be in French.

Keep up with this insular mentality and we'll slip still some more in due time.

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