Intellectuals You Should Know: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ever hear of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Of course not. She's poison to the left.

She discusses, among other things, in The New Criterion 'In Defense of Dissidence' the difference between Da'Wah and Jihad and how they're intertwined as well as what is a Medina Muslim (a political doctrine):

"...And there are, in the United States of America and beyond, in this incredibly interconnected world, Muslims who want to abide by Mohammed’s message beginning from Medina. They are our enemies, because they have defined us as an enemy. They are my enemies because I’m an apostate. I’m no longer a Muslim, therefore I have to be killed. They are your enemies because you are not a Muslim. And those Muslims who want to act on the Medina principles, on the principles of abrogation, of political supremacy, of the Caliphate, who don’t recognize boundaries between nations, they are our enemies. It’s very easy to define that. It should not have taken us fifteen years to get there. And we’re still not even there...."

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