Priest Jacques Hamel's Death Should Be Wake Up Call For Europe

The cold blooded sickening murder of a priest during Mass in France by teenagers pledging allegiance to ISIS should be a wake up call by Western Europeans. A strong message should be sent condemning this acts. Start by not making stupid excuses ( along the lines of he had marital problems!) and enforcing the law. Strong language coupled with law enforcement are just the beginning. There should never be a settling of 'this is the new norm' lest they become complacent.

So far there's been a disturbing trend by officials in places like Sweden, the UK, Belgium, France and Germany to dismiss or downplay violent acts by Muslims.That it's the progressive left doing all the bending comes as no surprise. Progressives are despicable twits when it comes to this certain of problem.

What I'm reading about what's going on in Europe (led by the lame Germans, French and British slaves to a sort of Stockholm Syndrome disease as well as political correctness) is plain disturbing made all the more outrageous by the apologists who do not seem willing to do something about it.

From where I sit Europe are acting like cowards.

Man up and don't let the murder of this priest go in vain. Let it coarsen one's will to fight back.


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