Fuck You: An Ode To Liberty

The other day I was reading how Hillary - that lying stupid twat - wanted to amend the 1A (or something like that) so that it would be illegal to criticize the government. It's a theme the EU has already made law and has found its way to North America. So before this becomes an official law here I figure to get my licks in.

If you've taken someone to court over something that was said and you took offense. Fuck you.
If you've sued because someone didn't bake you a cake. Fuck you.
If you represent the government and accost people for freedom of speech. Fuck you.
If you're the Liberal party of Canada under Justin Trudeau and look to curb free speech. Fuck you*.
If you work for the Human Rights Tribunal. Fuck you.
If you're someone that believes this to be a way to keep civility. Fuck you. You're an idiot.
If you're the sort of mind that describes freedom of speech and expression with a 'but'. Fuck you.
If you censor, seek to silence, outright shut off speech. Fuck you.
If you're a company with influence and fire people for their opinions. Fuck you.
If you've ruined a life because you were offended. Fuck you.
If you remain silent accepting an extortion racket by the government against free speech. Fuck....you.
If you actually believe in vapid progressive terms like 'diversity' and 'equality' at the expense of liberty. Fuck you.
If you're a celebrity and pick and choose where and how liberty is applied. Fuck you.
If you're a pundit that applauds government action against citizens on matters of speech. Fuck you.
If you believe there's such a thing as 'balanced speech' as enforced by the state. Fuck you.
If you're an opportunistic lawyer preying on this bull shit. Fuck you.
If you ever asserted the 1A, 2A, 4A and 5A in the United States need 'fixing'. Fuck you.
If you need a safe space and use the term 'white privilege' or 'micro-aggression' or 'cultural appropriation'. Fuck you.
If expect a trigger warning. Fuck you.
If you go to comedy shows knowing full well you're a sensitive shit head. Fuck you.
If you're law enforcement bullying little kids for their actions that amount to nothing. Fuck you.
Fuck. You.

Fuck every single one of you for the totalitarian shit heads you all are.

If you have no liberty, you're a slave to the bureaucratic whims and decisions of the state.

Fuck you.

And you know exactly who you are.

Fuck you.

If you have a problem with all I've written.

Kiss my ass.


Fuck. You.

*An extra crispy fuck you.

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