I Didn't Ask You

A few years ago, or thereabouts, I recall ads from the SAQ saying 'it's a pleasure to choose for you'.

This coming from a state run monopoly.

I never asked for a bureaucrat from the liquor department to choose alcohol for me. I've traveled enough to have my own tastes. The SAQ can't possibly speak for me where personal choice is concerned which is why it shouldn't be a public institution.

Alcohol should be a private matter. End of discussion. Only then will we see the market truly reflect consumer choices and tastes.

Moreover, this nonsense of 'protecting' our racket by limiting how many bottles we're allowed to buy and bring over the border is another issue whose time has come. We should be free to buy what we want and how much we want without fearing the excessive punitive wrath of the government.

This is what constitutes 'it's a pleasure to choose' for me?

No thanks.

Step aside.

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