The United States Has No Rule Of Law Where Corrupt Politicians Like Hillary Are Concerned

The FBI has decided to not lay charges on Hillary despite the obvious - that she broke the law. It's not a surprise though. The American justice system - much like our own - protects the parasite and scum class.

People who accept this are a special kind of stupid. For accepting it, you do not demand the political class to abide by the rules and law. In this case, it's very damn clear a high-ranking official can't have a private server - for obvious reasons. Worse, she didn't even bother to get proper authorization for it and when investigated she stalled and destroyed who knows how many emails.

Her gross negligence and breathtaking arrogance is staggering. Imagine her as President what she would do.

I thought if you have nothing to hide and all that.

And if citizens don't demand politicians account for their actions, then, well don't be surprised at the coming authoritarian state. YOU played your part.

The worst part? All the hypocrisy. The United States, like a bully, preys on its weakest citizens and incarcerates them for the silliest of offenses. Ambitious prosecutors and AG's across the country assault civil liberties in the name of 'keeping order' and all that.

Yet, the second one of their own commits an act that if an ordinary citizen or low-ranking official would commit they'd face the full power and boot of the law.

This is what America has become?

There are no winners here. From Obama to Lynch to the FBI.

All I see are a set of people conspiring to mock and further erode the integrity of the laws they claim to uphold.

In other words, yes, the United States is a banana republic run by corrupt buffoons.

Hillary for President (because it's her turn!)?

I can't think of a better candidate that will give a spineless people what they deserve.

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