Welcome To Quebec: Banana Republic

Welcome to petty, parochial and punitive Quebec:

"...In 2014, stores including Wal-Mart and Best Buy won a court battle with the province over signs.
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The OQLF wanted the companies with English trademarks like Canadian Tire to have some sort of descriptor so that people would know what they were selling.

Gasp! How do they manage?!

Yes, because by now Quebecers haven't fucking figured what Canadian Tire is and what it sells.  Talk about treating your population as if they're idiots. I mean, come on, what's next? They're gonna fumble and stumble into a Krispy Kreme thinking they sell paint? That if they go into La Bottega Pizzeria they will look for poutine? IKEA? What's that? Chalice, parle moi francais pas Suedois!

One would think how the heck they order a Big Mac, tabernak!

Two courts ruled in favour of the retailers, saying they were not violating the sign law. The province is now amending the law.

Because that's what banana republics do. They find things to piss people off with. Everyone and their lousy hockey coach agree Bill 101 (you know, that law that tramples on civil liberties if it were enacted anywhere on the continent) achieved 'balance' (well, in the context of shitty Quebec intellectualism where freedom of speech and expression are concerned) and some degree of linguistic peace, yet here are the Liberals acting like a bunch of PQ hicks.

All businesses – not just stores, but restaurants, hotels, and companies – will have to have some type of French descriptor on anywhere the English name can be seen from outside.
If the English trademark name is illuminated, the French description will also be required to be illuminated.

This is heading somewhere nefarious...
The government estimates this will cost companies anywhere from $500 to $9,000.

There it is! Punitive measures! 

Language minister Helene David said it simply makes good business sense to ensure the majority of clients feel welcomed.
There's that good ole paternalistic arrogance. I highly doubt successful businesses with global reach and brand power need preaching as to what 'makes good business sense'.

Welcomes? I hadn't fucking noticed Wal-Mart spits in the faces of Quebecers telling them to 'speak white fucking frogs.'

Idiot. Just a stupid idiotic, insulting statement.

“It's very important, because we are in Quebec and the people here in Quebec want to see something specific for their own language, so we see Supercentre Wal-Mart, they feel that they are incorrect.

Yeah well, Supercenter is how it's properly spelled. Just like it's Tim HORTON'S and not Tim Hortons. Look, if language nationalist boobheads want to mess up their own language that's their business. But they shouldn't be allowed to mock grammar rules of another language in this manner.  I mean, this people were afraid of an apostrophe. AN APOSTROPHE THREATENED THEIR LANGUAGE! So Eaton's became Eaton. 

Nothing says protecting your language by demeaning another!

It's also the place that felt that the internationally recognized word of 'Stop' had to be replaced on the most recognizable octagon on earth with the word 'Arret'. If France, the home of the French language, didn't feel the need to go that far, why did Quebec? Are they that insecure to be so banal?
The people she's referring to are the assholes who go around complaining about words like 'pasta' on menus. 

The Liberals are pandering to losers because it looks like being a loser sells.

I find it very hard to believe in 2016 the average Quebecer believes this shit is actually productive. I hope anyway.

None of this enhances or protects a language. On the contrary, it undermines and demeans it.

Then they wonder why this place continues to sink down the shitter.

They are not in Maine, they are not in the state of New York, so they feel that they are in Quebec, where the French language is the official language,” said David."

They should be so lucky. When I visit Maine, I see a bunch of stores with French names and no one bats a bloody eye. Put an English word on a sign in Quebec and apparently everyone turns into a xenophobic retard drooling mushed zucchini.

Again from the top: Quebec is unique when it comes to exerting punitive measures against freedom of expressions and speech. That's a dubious distinction that should give pause to us as a ostensibly free society.

When we finally leave this place I will party hard!


I have to pay my taxes to Quebec and then I have to watch Helene David on TV go after my language as if it threatens her language (a majority of 87% I might add)?

How does that work exactly?

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