Canada Officially Derailed; Trudeau's Temper On Display

Well, with the Liberals going on full retard mode where freedom of speech and expression are concerned with retarded hate speech laws - and quite frankly, it's not surprising given who is at the helm of this country at the moment - here's Ezra Levant before the HRC.

Notice the women's body language. Does that scream totalitarianism or what? Rolling of the eyes, crossed arms, the look of boredom. This is what inhabits the HRC cave.

Expecting professionalism I guess is just not in the cards for these commies.

Quite the pathetic display that a journalist has to go *defend* himself before such a bull shit kangaroo court.

Canada is so smug in its delusions about being a 'caring' society, it doesn't see just how backwards it has become where civil rights are concerned. 

Know how easy it is? Some asshole can take offense to something I wrote on a blog - or any blog for that matter - and the HRC can agree to listen to the case.


It's okay though. Canada is back and in good hands with Le Dauphin.

I mean, check out this confident exhibition of Parliamentary control and leadership!

Gee, imagine if Harper did that.

Like the HRC deadbeat above, notice the body language. Ooo, the misplaced sense of leadership driven by smug arrogance.

This is who the Canadians entrusted their nation to?

I can't think of a government in recent years that's gone so off the rails in just a few short months like the Liberal party of Canada has.

It has not been an impressive first half year. At all.

There's so much the CBC's Neil MacDonald can do to keep acting as the cologne to their BO.

Anyway. I'd like to say, I told you so. When a person has to apologize as many times as he has, you know they're not ready for prime time.

At some point we have to accept his impetuous and temperamental behavior is the rule rather than the exception.

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