Kill Bill 59

Stephanie Vallee. You're wrong. I agree with the Parti Quebecois. This is not a path we must go on. Nor do I care much that other provinces have similar laws. I happen to think they're out to lunch.

There's no legitimate way to define "hate" speech.

You just have free speech. Period.

I can easily, given my language here, find myself before a Human Rights Commission by how the state defines "hate".

We're not headed in the right direction with this.

At all.


  1. I'm in somewhat "hot water" with a disillusioned transgender follower of my site simply because I wrote a post stating my viewpoint that sex-change operations "seem a bit phony and fraudulent to me".

    I'd really like to stay on good terms with this person, but I fear they may be taking my words too personally when I was simply stating a general all-around viewpoint.

    Oh, well ...
    What's the alternative? To never express my own thoughts on my own blog site?
    Then why have a blog site?
    I hope this is not the start of some major dilemma.
    So far my site has been free of a lot of the "online scandals" that seem to plague so many other sites.

    1. Interesting. Fact is, you can never be free of offending anyone. People will take offense if they want to; especially these days.

      This thing about 'watching what you say' is scary especially considering the move to criminalize 'hate speech'. It's a dangerous track we should not go on but we already have.

      It's folly to believe speech can be 'balanced' there's no such thing.

      Your reader has options. He can read or not read. While it may be unfortunate for you, it's not unlike losing a client in business. You move ahead and find new ones. They should be able to understand and differentiate between free speech and personal feelings/opinions.

      I say keep it going. The last thing we need is people to throw in the towel.

    2. I might still be on good terms with this follower.
      I left a comment on his latest post and he published it (he moderates his "comments" section).
      Probably neither of us will "force the issue" beyond this point and normal interaction will resume.

    3. Not a fan of moderated comments.

      At all.

      But good. It's okay to have differences.


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