British Columbia: Banana Republic

Just to show I'm an equal opportunist to mocking stupidity, here's a little story out of B.C.

"A man who was unable to get a high chair for his baby at two different Earls restaurant locations in Vancouver will have his complaint heard by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.
In a ruling delivered Wednesday, tribunal chair Bernd Walter opted not to dismiss the complaint lodged by Phillip Ryan as Earls had requested.

Ryan’s complaint stems from a February 2015 visit to the chain’s Hornby Street location. When he was told no high chairs were available, his family left. Ryan, who is alleging discrimination on the basis of family status, said he encountered the same issue when visiting a different Earls location three weeks later, and this time opted to dine there with the child in his lap.

In response, Earls submitted that while some of its locations do not have high chairs, Ryan was offered what the restaurant group considered “reasonable options” — booth seating where the baby could sit next to him or on his lap.

Ryan, who was attempting to have a celebratory family dinner while avoiding the cost of a babysitter during the first incident, said holding the child in his lap for the entire meal would be stressful, and that was the case when he decided to stay for the second incident."

Aw. Poor Phillip Ryan.

Big baby.

Excuse the pun.

When my wife and I wanted to go out for dinner or planned to have a party we chose places we knew could accommodate our child or called places to make they did.

We certainly never thought to make an issue of things whatever the circumstances.

Because, you know, we're not whiny narcissists or progressive nuthead who believe everything is a 'basic human right' because we "feel" it to be.

And why in the fuck is the Human Rights Tribunal - shudders - even giving this jerkoff the time of day?

The madness. It goes round and round I tell you.


Wholefoods recently hit back at a customer who lied about an alleged racist message on a cake he purchased. One can only hope corporations start to push back against this SJW insanity.

First step is to not offer Ryan anything. In fact, ban him from ever entering their establishment again.

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  1. Wh--a--a---a--aaat?
    Wait a minute. I thought western society worshiped "the family".
    I could have sworn, all these years, that it's the SINGLE folks (especially single males) who are the "universal social lepers" (or at least among such).


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