Climate Change Is Bull Shit

There. I said it. I feel liberated already!

And Obama's stance is bull shit. In the long-run, the climate change cult will have been proven wrong. As they usually are mostly because they're manipulative jackasses with an agenda.

It's settled!

"The Virgin Islands attorney general has withdrawn a controversial subpoena against a prominent libertarian D.C. think tank, after being accused of bullying the group as part of a broader probe into whether ExxonMobil misled the public about global warming. 

Attorney General Claude Walker had issued the subpoena, demanding the Competitive Enterprise Institute hand over 10 years' worth of its communications related to climate change, in April.

CEI fired back with a lawsuit of its own, seeking to fine Walker for what the group called a breach of their First Amendment rights."

Bill Nye - that smug idiot - has a sadz.

Think of it for a second. Skeptics have been painstakingly producing facts on the issue of climate change quietly exposing the lies heaped on people regarding the faux-issue of our times. Yet, they're the ones being threatened with subpoenas? 


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