Economic Flexibility And Freedom = Prosperity = Duh

Scandinavia (or Nordic nations including Finland) are often cited by progressives as proof socialism or some variation thereof can work.

So how is it a region renowned for its high taxes and welfare consistently rank ahead of countries like Canada and the birth place of liberty as a legitimate cornerstone within a nation-state the United States?


They practice economic liberty; principles libertarians and conservatives espouse. Not the ones pumped up by liberals and progressives.

From Euopean Students for Liberty:

"...there exists a generalized misperception about the functioning of the Scandinavian economies. They are usually regarded as highly interventionist countries with hyper-regulated economies and very progressive taxation systems in which the upper classes sustain the Welfare State by paying their so-called fair share. This widely-extended view is fundamentally wrong for two main reasons. Firstly, far from being socialistic, the economic recipes that have led Denmark or Sweden to have sustainable Welfare States are those usually identified with the free market: deregulated economies and flexible labor markets. Secondly, the burdensome taxation system in the Scandinavian countries is rather regressive; hence, the fiscal burden is essentially borne by low and middle classes."

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