What The Hell Is Going On At The New York Times?

The old legacy media behemoth New York Times reminds me of the novel 'The Leopard' and the film 'The Magnificent Ambersons'. A Once a dynastic and aristocratic newspaper 'of record' slowly erodes into obscurity and decadence.

It's really easy to observe this. First there was the Jayson Blair scandal. While it was dismissed, if memory serves me right, as though it was 'just one of those things and we're only human'', it seemed like a pretty big one for me. How does a newspaper with the power and resources of the NYT allow this to happen? We're always told to watch for 'fake news' and here's a major paper engaging in, well, fake news.

From that point on, they have issued correction after retraction after correction. The NYT is not above letting a narrative lead before facts are gathered or engaging in smear hit pieces (as they did with Dave Rubin). And they're hardly alone as their fellow sister Ivy League debutante The Washington Post makes an ass of itself on a, I'd say, semi-regular basis. One of those shinier moments was when they went after a bunch of kids putting them in jeopardy through their patently irresponsible fake journalism.

Democracy for the win WaPo!

There were, for example, charges of plagiarism against former editor Jill Abramson.

But are these couple of examples surprising given what we're learning about its editorial staff?

Well, there was the unsubstantiated story about Brett Kavanaugh cleared by editor James Dao. Of course, Vox did what all left-wing rags do and try and claim the right 'spun' this wrongly and made a mountain out of a molehill. Yeh, sure.

And AOC doesn't deserve to be constantly verbally spanked with facts about her ignorant illiberal gibberish.

From Dao's twitter bio:


New York Times op-ed editor. I assume"
I might be old fashioned, but I always thought a journalist and editor shouldn't, you know, assume?

I digress.

One of the more infamous example was the hiring of Sarah Jeong and her manic anti-white screeds. She later claimed she was only defending herself from internet trolls. Whites no doubt.

More recently, there was Tom Wright-Piersanti.

Though perhaps a self-hating woke white privileged hipster, his ire was directed agains the Jews.

As if these four examples aren't enough. Then another two popped up recently.

Like usual, I'm sure she thinks the real racists are the ones bringing this to light. Hey, they created the toxic atmosphere of digging up the past, right? Something, something, live and die by the...sword is it?

Then there's one Jazmine Hughes. Hughes is black so she gets totes a pass. Free reign racism on this organic plantation farm baby!

Oh. Isolated you may think and assert? Seems like a habit to me. 

Despite all this, is it fair to impugn the entire paper?

Perhaps not. It doesn't mean there's some real reporting going on and this is mostly restricted to the opinion/editorial side. I don't know.

Still, the interesting part is this is probably fixable. 


The NYT. Where stained ascots meet woke millennials and racist SJW affirmative action hires sip poorly stirred Martini on warn out couches and drab wallpaper. All crying and yelling at the moon for a world long lost and narratives formed to shape the world in their image mocked - and worse - ignored.

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